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Top 5 Things You Must Look In Your Software Development Team

FindItMore | Choosing the right outsourced development team is not always easy. And it can take maybe 4 weeks to even half a year. After, that, how can you be so sure that you have made the right decision when finally picking your team?

With the proper strategy and research, you can simplify the whole process and improve your chances of success significantly.

Here are 5 things you need to consider the next tie that you want to a hire a software development team:

  1. Experience

The very first item on your checklist should be a development team that possesses a verified and extensive track record. When evaluating a team, past projects and performances will serve as a credible indicator. Professional certification and academic qualifications may carry some weight, however, the best indicator is years of accumulated experience in the positions.

Professional team of software developers can:

  • Evaluate your goals for your business
  • Design relevant projects
  • Write the needed code
  • Properly implement the project
  • Provide support even after delivery of the project

A good team also need to have the following set of skills:

  • Team problem-solving skills
  • Enthusiastic and capable of leveraging existing codes
  • Proficiently improve coding without changing the functionality
  • Codes in multiple programming languages
  • Passionate about programming
  1. Check If They Program In Responsive Technology

Pursuable opportunities and potential skill sets are greatly increasing at a fast pace. The demand for ever-evolving skills of software developers are on the rise and have given birth to a new environment where finding the ability to address very unique needs of particular projects are extremely difficult.

New techs and devices are multiplying at a fast rate, without intervals or beaks of stagnant production. Instead, you can expect to find fresh ideas of newly developed programming and techniques.

programming language

In the concern to stay updated, you need to find a team that can easily master such new concepts. You need to have a team that has the right tools with incorporated and developed solutions through a comprehensive range of the latest tech. The team should have had the necessary exposure to different technical areas which allows them to take on challenging tasks with ease.

  1. Determine The Price And Quality

Price is always an important factor when determining which team of developers you need to partner with, however, you should also consider the quality of the software that is produced. The quality of software projects can vary, so when evaluating for quality, you need to look for things such as user-friendly, bug-free, user interface, and layout and graphics quality.

However, high-quality does not always mean high price. There are development teams out there producing high-quality projects with competitive and reasonable pricing out there.

  1. Integration And Communication

You need to find a team that constantly puts pressure on improving the development process as well as valuing retrospective meetings.

Also, based on a report, communication is one of the most important things for customers today— even more than the price.

There are various ways to determine how well a software development team communicates. Obviously, one is just speaking with them directly in order to check their English skills.

Integration And Communication

You also need to look out for a development team that can quickly respond to your emails and phone calls.

Ask if the team have communication tools like video conferencing or Skype as an option. Do they provide you with the answers that you want quickly with enough information and explanation? These are only some of the questions which can help choose a team which can effectively communicate.

  1. Availability

It is unrealistic to expect a development team to process a single project, one at a time, or have you as their only client. Still, choosing a team which has desperately promised or committed to too many development projects should be avoided.

Consider the:

  • Team’s current workload
  • Scheduling of your project— start to the end— by the team
  • Milestones and completion


By utilizing these five factors in choosing the best software development team, your business will be on track to partnering with an experienced development team that is fit to understand and tackles all your software development requirements!


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