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Top Programming Languages That Have Changed The World

FindItMore | Nowadays, everybody wants to use modern age computers. There is a need for a set of instruction to operate these smart devices. In simple words, the code is the set of instructions that enable the computer to do a certain task. Programming language plays an important role in the smooth working of any computer device. These days, there are loads of different programming language available including Java, C++, Ruby, PHP, NodeJS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and many others. Every operating system and program has their own set of codes that help it to perform a specific task.

Some famous programming languages

HTML: HTML aka Hypertext Markup Language is a web known name in web designing industry. This programming language is mainly designed for web development. Hypertext Markup Language is developed by Tim Berners-Lee in 1990. The main purpose of this programming language is to allow website creation. Getting engaging with HTML, you can create your own website in a couple of hours. With the help of HTML, you can interconnect webpage, external file in a single go. This programming language contains set of codes that are very easy to learn. There is no special computer skill is required to create a website in HTML.

CSS: CSS is an acronym for Cascading Stylesheets. This is the best way to design website and make it presentable. CSS is mainly responsible for handling the looks and feel of a webpage. Engaging with CSS, you can enhance the looks of your webpage in few minutes. You can change font color, size, and the margin of page, background, animations, transitions, layout design, and many other things with CSS. Like HTML, It is very easy to learn this programming language. There are many benefits of using CSS in web development. Some reasons are given below:

  • Consume less time: CSS is flexible language; you just have to type the code once and reuse them on any other webpage. You just have to make sure the same object and classes are mentioned in the HTML file.
  • Easier to maintain: This is very easy to use and maintain. Unlike other programming languages, it is very easy for a programmer to maintain the CSS code. Thanks to easy set6 of codes that make it easier to maintain.

SQL: SQL stands for Structured Query Language that is mainly used to maintain the huge database. This programming language is developed in the 1970’s. There is some set of instruction available that makes managing database easier and convenient than ever before. You will find some useful commands in SQL including insert, search, update, delete, and many others. There are lots of programmers find SQL is the best way to manage the database. There are many reasons behind the huge demand of SQL. The very first benefit is that there is no need to store information on the object.

PHP: PHP is another programming language that is widely used as a backend language. This programming language stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. It is open source language that is available at free of cost. It is widely used in developing a web application, website, and many others. This is server-side and interpreted language.

Why PHP?

  • Fast performance: As we know it is interpreted language so the execution of the program is faster as compared to others.
  • Independent: Once you wrote the program, you can also execute the file on Windows, Mac, Linux, and UNIX operating system.
  • Open source: This programming language is open source that means, you can use this without paying a single penny. You just have to download PHP tool from the official portal and install it.
  • A huge community: There is a huge community of PHP developers is available on the web. This community work as a support team of PHP that makes new inventions with PHP code.

Java: Java is a secure, robust, high-level programming language. There are almost 3 billion devices are running on Java. The main reason behind the popularity of Java programming language is security and flexibility. There are some devices that are running on Java including Mobile, smart card, ATM machines, public kiosk, and many others. It is very easy to learn this programming language. Basically, there is two type of Java programming language available such as Core Java and Advance Java.

Type of Java Application

  • Standalone application
  • Web application
  • Enterprise application
  • Mobile application

These programming languages have changed the world completely. With the advent of technology and innovation, the life of people becomes easier and convenient. Every smart device requires instruction to run. Any electronic device without a set of instruction is not called as smart. All these programming have own advantages and limitations.


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