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2018 Healthcare App Development Trends

FindItMore | The year 2017 was considered as a remarkable year for application development. There has been an endless developing requirement for app development obliging the over reliance of people over smartphones. It has upraised its bar from being just an optional savings to end up an extreme need.

Now, in 2018, mobile apps will hold direct cloud interaction to modernize the smartphone industry fully. This viewpoint will lead to less necessity of internal memory and will witness a sharp shoot up in cloud-based mobile application traffic.

Technology has even enabled healthcare apps to give a safe environment while enhancing their health or wellness. Today, there are myriad healthcare mobile apps available on the app stores, and almost all smartphone users have at least one fitness or health app installed, as people are more conscious about health nowadays. Health appskeep an eye on your health related things such as lifestyle, stress, fitness, and diet. These apps allow tracking your health and fitness goals.

What is the main objective of healthcare apps?

The main objective of Healthcare apps is to deliver the best to customers, and even customers are leveraging intelligent technologies to improve overall things related to patients such as consultation and monitoring.

So, are you too a health-conscious person? If yes, then this blog is for you. The blog discusses the healthcare Mobile app development trendsthat you need to follow to stay fit.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI offers accessibility, efficient and customized experiences, which is valued by the patients. As per a survey conducted, healthcare customers are happy with AI-assisted surgery related to surgery planning over traditional methodologies. Most of the survey respondents incline toward AI-assisted surgery after finding out about its advantages. Younger people are more open to robot-assisted surgery.

Healthcare and Blockchain

Blockchain is the latest buzz in the technology business. It has the ability to change the healthcare biological system, patients’ care, privacy, and security. Blockchain depends on engrained cryptographic strategies to enable every member in a system to cooperate without foregoing trust between the parties. In a blockchain framework, there is no chief expert; rather, transaction records are stored and circulated to all system members.

Hospitals Using Smart Technology

With the help of apps, we have created completely a new world including products and services. The healthcare companies are also leveraging out of it to take care of patients.  The apps offers a continuous connectivity and automation by taking the burden of healthcare providers and set the control back in client’s grasp. Healthcare companies are using smart technology to help patient’s medical condition.

Many hospitals and clinics are using robots to monitor a patient without any help of a human being in the room. Smart gadgets and applications will proceed to develop and spread all through the healthcare field.

Augmented Reality Training For Healthcare

Augmented Reality (AR) is the latest trend all over the businesses. It is gaining a noticeable quality in the medical services field with real usage in medical training. With AR mobile apps, healthcare providers can upgrade their abilities and increase knowledge by observing diagnosis directly before them.

At a given point of time, AR can train more providers to help overcome the intense deficiency of trained and skilled experts around the globe. AR can enable specialists to get data promptly in an effortless way to update and refine aptitudes to treat patients.

Wearable Gadgets

Wearable gadgets are taking healthcare to the next big level by involving and putting resources to the personal health.Many wearable gadgets like fitness bands or action trackers help clients to stay lively and healthier by monitoring the vitals such as blood pressure, heart rate, pulse rate, body temperature, and more. This further helps in lessening your regular visits to the doctor.

With the rise in the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), wearable gadgets and mobile apps are linked to healthcare companies building a strong network between patients and doctors. It has the ability to share patient’s information in real-time by healthcare provider, and can be accessed by patient and the doctor from anywhere and anytime.

Cloud Solutions

Healthcare and cloud computing is a perfect match-made in heaven as it helps in enhancing the quality of care provided to public. With the advancement in cloud computing such as improved performance and storage at better cost, strong security, hybrid infrastructure, constant incorporation- the healthcare network is well maintained to leverage mobile apps to build and deploy better healthcare solutions.

A required information of a patient is stored on cloud where patients are able to access test results online 24/7. It is very easy to maintain the records like checkup bills or health insurance plans, and access whenever needed.


Technology is offering great opportunities to people to live a balanced and healthy life. Above mentioned were the mobile application trends that are transforming the healthcare industry in many ways.

By picking the right healthcare app, medical companies should leverage the most out of it to enhance the clinical efficiency and better patient outcomes.


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