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How to Evaluate The iOS App Development Cost?

FindItMore | We already know how mobile applications are increasingly becoming integral to every individual’s life. Further, iPhone users are increasing every single day on a global scale. Due to highly secured features and attractive UIs, people’s focus is shifting to iOS applications. The Apple company never fails to surprise its users, that’s why if someone uses iOS once, he cannot turn back to other brands.

With this surprising element and quality, users like to own an Apple device. iOS apps fulfill various business needs as they are segregated into different app categories. The mobile app from each category offers a unique set of features, safety measures, demographics, etc. Some iOS app categories are listed below:

Stand-Alone Applications: These applications do not depend on third-party integration and are independent of any device’s feature.

Customized Apps For Companies: These apps are dedicated to a particular purpose of businesses.

Social Networking Applications: These apps offer robustness and scalability to serve billions of users in real-time.

On-Demand Applications: An on-demand iOS application comprises three versions- user’s app, delivery agent’s app, and business owner’s app.

iOS apps are catering to different business domains to help users to accomplish their goals. It has become the most prominent source of income and revenue generation for businesses. With the growing demand for iOS applications, businesses utilize the power of the latest tools and technologies to create innovative apps. Companies agree to create an app for almost every need of users. From medical consultation, beauty care to on-demand cab booking facilities, mobile apps are leading the market.

Entrepreneurs who want to create an app must go through the following considerations for successful app development:

  • Impressive Revenue
  • Uncompromised Security
  • High-Quality Product
  • International Market Exposure
  • Best UI/UX
  • Less Time-Consuming Development
  • Fast Loading Speed
  • Easy Navigation
  • Quality Content Delivery
  • Easy To Use

When you decide to develop an iOS application, you cannot expect your iOS app development company to inform you about the overall app development cost right off the bat. Initially, they will analyze your business requirements, your objective behind the app development, and what goal you want to accomplish. Before sending you a quote, your development team will analyze everything from working hours to required resources. The most vital factors that affect your app development cost are

  • Features and functionality
  • Back-end infrastructure and app administration
  • Customization of visual design (template or custom)
  • Project type (CRM, marketplace, LMS, EHR, etc.)
  • Platforms (iOS, Android)
  • The in-house or outsourced development team
  • Location and structure of a development team
  • Vendor’s hourly rates
  • App maintenance costs and additional services

Lets us move ahead and have a detailed discussion about the cost determining factors for iOS app development:

Market Analysis and Research

Begin with solid market research and analysis to know why you need to create an app? What uniqueness can you offer? What are people searching for in the market? What additional offering should your app provide so that users will like to use it. Remember, creating an app is not a new idea; also you are not the only one giving an app for particular services.

There are already strong contenders struggling and performing well in the market. In such a scenario, you need to know how to be unique and set a different identity. Understand the market trends, latest demand and implement the gathered data in your iOS app development.

Determining User Personas

Users’ persona plays a vital role in calculating app development costs. Do study for the demographic area. Demographic research will help you to analyze the app size, UI/UX, and what features you can add to your app that users will like in your app.

Features and Functionalities

The features and functionalities you want to add to your app are directly proportional to the overall cost. It includes factors like third-party service integration, chatbot, back-end infrastructure, and push notification. While evaluating your iOS app development cost, ensure that you covered all the user-friendly features. Remember that the more advanced features you will include in your app, the price will vary accordingly.

Size & Type of App

The app size influences the overall cost of applications. Primarily you can segregate the app sizes into three categories which are:

  • Small Apps

These apps are built for a single platform; small apps have limited functions and a simple UI. Such apps generally don’t require any back-end system or API integration.

  • Medium Apps

Medium apps offer more features and functions than essential apps.

  • Enterprises Apps

Enterprise apps have complex features, API integration, and bespoke UI. The three different app sizes will be comparatively different based on the additional parts and functionalities it offers.

Design of the Mobile App

Your app design is the first element that grabs user attention. An app with a boring user interface can fail to capture users’ attention. Invest in great UI, add exciting features, including appealing visuals to make your app design interactive. You can integrate high dimension and complex design elements to offer a minimal user interface to the end-users.

Below is the excellent app design process:

  • Define a goal
  • Specification
  • Wireframe
  • Prototype
  • Visual Design
  • Interface animation
  • Testing

Cost Of Hiring Development Partner

Let’s now move into the standard pricing model to hire an app development partner. You can employ a project partner based on the three models, which are as follows:

Fixed-price Model

In this model, both work and price range will be fixed. You will be required to clearly define the scope of work before initiating the development process. This model will work as per your requirements. You can share your requirements with the tech partners, and they will work to meet your business needs.

Based on your project requirements, you will receive a quote. The pricing will be defined by the services you will avail to do your work and how long the developer will work with you. Both work and times will be estimated in this model.

Time & Material

In this model, the deadline will not be fixed; the clients have the flexibility to change their requirements anytime they want. Unlike the fixed-price model, clients can edit or remove any particular features at any moment in the ongoing project development process. Clients will only have to pay for the services they will avail of, and no additional or advance payment will have to pay.

Build Your Team

If you wish to set up an iOS development team, this model is the right option. This model will save your cost up to 50% to 70% than the cost of hiring local developers in countries like the UK and USA.


The points mentioned above are some cost-determining factors. To evaluate the overall iOS app development cost, you can consider these points. Also, factors like app development complexity, testing, usage of the latest tools and technologies will calculate the overall mobile app cost. Accept that the cost of development can not be calculated in one go. Different factors come under consideration to create a feature-packed app.


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