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5 Signs You Need Glasses

FindItMore | “Do I need glasses?” This is definitely one of the questions you have in mind lately. And while you want the answer to be “NO,” you cannot just help it. As soon as vision loss arrives, the process is at a gradual pace. It does not happen overnight and you might not even notice it for a while.

It is even possible that you have seen the signs, but you ignore them. After all, who wants to acknowledge it? No one in this world is happy to know that they are having eye issues. Still, it is imperative to know and understand the tell-tale signs that suggest you need glasses. So instead of keeping up with the “do I need glasses test,” check out these instead.

1. Struggling to See At Night

Night blindness is without a doubt a troubling vision problem. It simply disrupts your ability to see in dimly lit or dark settings. Most individuals who suffer from this issue tend to develop it over time. You will begin to have difficulty seeing road signs or other elements within your surroundings like animals and objects. When you navigate your bedroom, it becomes a struggle at night; hence, you often bump into furniture and walls. If you are experiencing any of these, then it is likely that you have night blindness.

2. Squinting at Your Computer

Do you often find yourself squinting at your computer screen? It is as if you are having trouble focusing on the letters or words you see. If so, then you are suffering from vision loss. Keep in mind that squinting happens when one tries to focus on unclear things. It basically reduces the amount of light that enters your eyes, thus you appear to have little to zero vision of what you are trying to see.

If squinting happens more frequently, then it is already a strong indicator that you need glasses. But the question to your “do I need glasses” does not have to mean YES immediately. It is best to seek professional medical help and let a doctor decide that for you. At least, from there, you can rest assured knowing that someone who has the expertise can help you.

3. Your Vision is Blurring

In some cases, a blurry vision could mean that you are tired or experiencing eye strain. Let’s say you have been staring at a digital screen or reading a book for long periods of time. It is possible for you to have blurry vision after. All you need to do here is give your eyes some rest. However, if your vision still does not improve even after resting, then it is time to get an eye exam.

There are many reasons behind a blurry vision. And if you are suffering from one of them, then you certainly have to under a “do I need glasses test.” This includes, but not limited to, near-sightedness, astigmatism, and far-sightedness.  Astigmatism, in particular, is a very common condition. It has something to do with the lens with your eye or the curvature of your cornea. But like the aforementioned, the only way to pinpoint it is to undergo an eye exam.

4. You’re Experiencing Eye Strain

The only catch with eye strain is that it is a very tricky symptom. Like blurry vision, it could indicate that you just need some rest. However, it is also very likely that you need glasses. There are many causes of eye strain, such as poor lighting, stress, fatigue, excessive use of phone and lighting, long distance driving, and exposure to dry air, among many others.

Unfortunately, when you suffer from eye strain, your usual daily routine is greatly affected. For instance, you might find it hard to drive at night or you are unable to look at your computer for a long time. Moreover, eye strain comes with different symptoms. This includes, but not limited to, burning eyes, dry eyes, itchy eyes, and watery eyes.

5. Experiencing Headaches More Frequently

Headaches are also another symptom of eye strain. But considering it is a general symptom, it is sometimes mistaken for lumped or a migraine. Believe it or not, though, your eyes can sometimes lead to pain in your neck, back, shoulders, and head. The reason here lies with your nerves. Headaches that occur from eye strain when you tend to spend so much time trying to focus on something with your eyes.


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