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7 Easy Steps to the Best Furniture Spray Painting Services

FindItMore | One sure way of obtaining smooth wood furniture is through spray painting. The spray paint is preferred to brush painting because whereas brush painting may leave brush marks and drips, spray painting results in a near perfect look. This is an indication that providing furniture spray painting services presents an incredible business venture for you. Here are 7 steps that you can utilize so that you provide the best furniture spray painting services as an entrepreneur.

  1. Choose the Proper Furniture

In the application of spray paint on your wood furniture, it is highly advisable that you avoid upholstery. When you are spraying paint on some outdoor furniture, you should make the choice of paint that has a high level of resistance to moisture as well as sun protection. You should also avoid spraying paint on antique furniture because it may significantly alter those pieces, thus compromising their original value.

  1. Detach All Hardware

Based on the type of furniture that is being painted, it may deem necessary that you remove and unscrew some of the hardware components fastened on the furniture. For example, when you are painting drawers and cabinets, it is advisable that you remove all the handles and knobs before embarking on the spray painting process. The drawers should also be removed so as to ensure that the painting of the entire furniture is completed effectively. This means that you should paint the drawers and other components separately. After all the parts have become dry, you can now reassemble your furniture.

  1. Cover Objects and their Environs

Despite that spray painting is an effective way of applying paint on your furniture, the procedure is associated with some particles of spray that may settle on other surfaces that are not intended. For this reason, you should aim at protecting these surfaces before you start spraying your furniture. All the objects that are surrounding the painted surfaces, including the floor should be covered with masking tape, drop cloths, or newspapers.

  1. Smoothen the Painted Surface Beforehand

Before engaging in spraying your paint on the intended furniture, make sure you use sandpaper to remove and clean all the rough edges on your furniture. In order to achieve the smoothest surface on the furniture for perfect shape after spray painting, begin sanding by use of rough sandpaper, the make repetitions of the cleaning process using finer versions of sandpapers.

  1. Through Cleaning Should Be Done without Wetting the Surface

After sanding the surface to be painted, it is important that you thoroughly clean it in order to eliminate any particles of sawdust. This cleaning should be done using a piece of soft cloth. Water should never be used for this purpose as it may damage the wood. A vacuum cleaner may also be utilized in the removal of any dust particles that may be present in the surrounding environments, thus landing on the furniture before the paint gets to dry.

  1. Confirm Compatibility of Paint and Primer

When you visit a store to purchase your paint and primer, confirm with your seller or an expert to ensure that both are compatible. Different primers work differently with the paint, and you should, therefore, ensure compatibility of the two before purchasing to avoid any financial losses when you are forced to buy the compatible ones.

  1. Primer Should Be Applied Before the Paint

Painting furniture requires you to apply at least one coat of primer before spraying your paint. The primer should be sprayed on thin coats so as to make sure the furniture is thoroughly coated. Before spraying the paint, make sure the primer is completely dry. The significance of the primer is that it yields a glossy and smooth finish. During spraying, ensure that the weather conditions are nowhere near windy or dusty to avoid the accumulation of dirt on the furniture.

The steps I have just provided for you are easy to follow through and extremely effective for your painting endeavors. Whether you want to paint furniture for household purposes or as a business venture, the steps will undoubtedly give you the best results. I hope you are now better informed as you seek to have perfectly painted furniture in your home or business.


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