Interior Architect vs Interior Designer

Interior Architect vs Interior Designer: Difference Between Their Roles

FindItMore | When you want to renovate the interior of your house, the first professional who comes to your mind is the interior designer. Probably, you have no idea that an interior architect also plays a big role. These two experts ensure that your home’s interior meets your needs and, more so, looks great aesthetically.

The roles of the interior architect vs interior designer vary in many ways although they equally have many overlaps. For today, we will go through the difference between their roles. With the information, you can tell when you need to hire one and not the other.


These two experts have an overlap of tasks in the designing of a house’s interior; they are both involved in making sure that the house is aesthetically great. But this is where their similarity ends.

An interior architect designs the structural part of the house’s interior and ensures that it meets the appropriate standards during construction. Whether you are renovating the house or building a new one, the architect is responsible for the structural part of the job.

On the other hand, the interior designer plans how accessories will enhance the interior look of the house. This includes the paintwork, ceiling design, artwork, furniture, and other furnishings. Furthermore, they also design what will go where.


If you are still wondering what the difference between the interior architect vs interior designer is, then this is another crucial point. The architect requires a license to practice since their work deals with the structural part of the house. So, if you want to hire one, be sure to ask for a copy of their license to verify it.

The interior designer does not require a special license. But if they operate a company, the company is required to be registered and be issued with all necessary business licenses.

Work Priority

As soon as the project commences, the interior architect’s work begins. They work hand in hand with other structural architects to see to it that the structural aspects of the house are perfect. Actually, most reputable architectural firms such as Humphreysandsons employ all these architects and make sure that they work together for the success of your project. Their main concern is to ensure that the part of the house that will constitute the interior is completed perfectly. This may include the kitchen walls and cabinetry, bathroom partitions, the chimney, and a lot more.

The work of the interior designer comes later when the structure of the house is completed. They assess it and propose designs that will improve the house aesthetically. As mentioned earlier, they will now start to plan out the color scheme, type of furnishings to be used, and other things that improve the design.


There is a significant difference between the qualifications of an interior architect vs interior designer. Well, they do both go to professional schools to gain knowledge in each of their respective professional fields.

Interior architects have the same education as other architects but also focus on designing and building the interior of structures. The schools teach them how to design structures that meet certain standards, depending on the region. But as they start to practice, they increase their skills especially when they are employed by experienced architectural companies.

The interior designers are taught how to be creative rather than follow books and standards. This is why they can create different designs for different clients. However, they learn how to incorporate certain themes such as rustic, classic, modern, and much more. They also gain a lot of experience when they start to practice their career. This comes with handling different clients and understanding what works best for them.


The last difference between the interior architect vs interior designer is what they charge for their work. Interior architects have more defined charges that are guided, for instance, by a percentage of the cost of the project.

Interior designers charge varying prices for their services depending on many things such as the size of the project, the price and scarcity of materials to make the designs, and a lot more. So, we cannot say that their charges are defined.


Now you know the difference between the interior architect vs interior designer. This makes it easy for you to choose one for your current interior needs. It is now clear that they come in at different times in your project and play different roles in making it a success.


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