Appreciate Your Employees

8 Ways to Show You Appreciate Your Employees

FindItMore | Where would you be without your employees? Your company runs well because you have a strong team behind you. A talented pool of workers is what it takes to operate a successful business. Your employees helped you get off the ground, and they’ve helped you grow.

Finding employees is easy. Maintaining outstanding employees takes effort. One of the best ways to keep your people on board is to treat them well. Studies have shown that employees are more likely to stick with a company when they feel valued.

As a small business owner, you’re looking for ways to show your appreciation to those who work hard every day. The good news is that it isn’t tricky to make your workers feel like they are essential to you. From corporate awards to time off, there are dozens of options available. Here are eight ideas to get you started.

  1. Acknowledgment

You may be surprised to discover that many people will be over the moon with a simple “thank you.” Notice the work your employees do. They want to feel as though their contributions matter. Praise and thanks go a long way toward showing that you are aware of an employee’s hard work.

  1. Food and Treats

Everyone likes a treat now and then. Don’t wait until the staff meeting to buy pizza. Don’t wait until someone’s birthday to bake a cake. Bake cupcakes as a surprise treat; excite your employees by purchasing lunch for no reason at all.

  1. Provide Time Off

Time off is a favorite reward in any company. Give your outstanding employees an afternoon off now and again. Let them come in late on a day of their choice. Provide them with an entire day off if you can swing it. You’ll be gifting your employee time to spend with their family or to pursue an outside interest. Unexpected time away from the office is a great motivator.

If you can’t give your employees extra time off, consider letting them work from home one day a week. Imagine how you would feel if your old boss had allowed you to stay home as long as you got the job done. Having the freedom to work in your pajamas from the comfort of your couch is a fabulous reward.

  1. Awards

Corporate awards and plaques are an excellent gift for any employee you wish to recognize. Business owners have different reasons for handing out these awards. You may present one for attendance or reaching specific metrics. Give your employees a goal and award them when it’s met.

Corporate awards and plaques

According to JaNae Harrison, marketing director for McGee’s Awards and Engravings, “Recognizing someone with a beautiful, engraved award shows their work is valued by others and is remembered longer than just a kind word.”

  1. Create Fun Traditions

Silly traditions give your workers something to which they can look forward. Don’t be afraid to come up with something silly. Create an annual day dedicated to your favorite celebrity. Start taco Tuesday. Host a potluck breakfast on the last Friday of each month. You are only limited by your imagination.

  1. Create a Survey

People appreciate different things. One of your employees may relish public praise. Another employee may prefer an opportunity to work from home one day a week. Another may enjoy a free cup of coffee in the morning. Personalized acknowledgments beat generic ones.

  1. Bonuses

Financial bonuses in the form of cash or gift cards are always welcome. You could make these quarterly or present them at the end of the year. Don’t make it a surprise. You can make bonuses a motivational tool. Create goals and encourage employees to meet them.

  1. Provide a Say

Your employees feel valued when they have a say in the company. The people in the trenches have opinions. If an employee has an idea for performing their job more efficiently, let them try. When one of your workers presents you with a problem, do your best to solve it. It costs you nothing to be open-minded and responsive.

An employee will give you their best effort if they feel it’s appreciated. You don’t have to ask an employee who feels valued to go above and beyond. Your workers are the key to your company’s success. It only makes sense to show them that you recognize how dedicated they are.


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