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Room Makeover In A Day

FindItMore | Call it a leisure room, family room or simply a living room, one thing that remains the same is that it is the most happening place in our homes. Be it for chatting with family members, friends or for entertaining visitors, this room is the place where you get a chance to relate to your family and friends. Thinking of how important this place is in our lives, we need to keep the room in the best state and work on its decoration. A tastefully decorated living room can do wonders in building your social connections.

If you feel your living room no longer looks enticing or worthy of attention, you can give it a makeover.  Most home renovations or makeovers need careful planning and lots of money. But if time is a constraint and your budget does not allow you to buy expensive renovations, you can still give your living room a fresh new look and that too in just one day. Take a look at the tips mentioned below to renovate your living room in one day.

  1. Add a lighting fixture

Having a lighting fixture in the living room can transform a boring room into a beautiful looking room that is full of positivity and light. If you already have a lighting fixture in the room, it’s time to replace it or renovate it so it looks a bit different than it used to. You can even make your own lighting fixture for the purpose with fairy lights or paper. There’re lots of tutorials available on the internet about making outstanding lighting pieces. So, make the best of them.

  1. Change the furniture arrangement

Being confronted with the same kind of furniture with the same placement on a regular basis can turn monotonous. It can even make you spend less time at your home all because the energy of the room does not feel good to you. If you change the way your furniture is placed or change its location,  it can give a fresh vibe to your living room.

  1. Upholster with bright hues

If you still feel like changing the look of the weary furniture in your living room,  you can revamp it by upholstering it in bright fabrics. Plan the upholstery according to the color scheme of the room, so it merges well with the ambiance. Add bright colored cushions in floral, geometric or artsy prints to bring in a little creativity into the room

  1. Use a wallpaper

Nothing looks as bad as flakes of paint chipping off from the wall and even if you spend lavishly on other things in the room if the walls are in a terrible state, those pricey additions in your living room will fail to capture the attention. One way to instantly dress up any patched areas of the wall is to install a wallpaper.  It will not only hide the imperfections but will also lend a beautiful effect to the living room. You can try accent wallpapers to create a more polished effect.

  1. Replace the curtains

Curtains are elemental to any interior decoration plan. It’s important to keep changing the curtains from time to time to change the energy of the room. Experiment with a different design or color pattern in your curtains to add life to your living room. Choose a different drape this time to bring out the best in your windows.

  1. Bring indoor plants

Bring in a whiff of natural energy by adding indoor plants to your living room. They do more than just improve the look of the space. You can choose from a variety of indoor plants according to your preferences to give a whole new look to the room. Place the plant near the window or beside the entry point. Hanging plants are another great option to infuse freshness into the room. Hang the plants inside or outside the windows of the living space to create a beautiful window view.

  1. Dress up the main wall with a wall sticker

Another way to transform the feeling of the room in a few minutes is to add a creative wall sticker on themes like nature, forest, flower or sea. With these wall decals, you won’t need to indulge in pricey wall pieces or paintings. The idea is to make the walls look dressed up and these wall stickers are just the right way to achieve the goal.


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