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Simple Tips To Select The Best Mattress For Your Home

FindItMore | There are a thousand quotes and articles you find online about the importance of sleep in human life. Yet, one household item occupies prime significance for your peaceful sleep. The mattress you sleep on. Do you know mattresses also play some role in the health of an individual? If you do not get proper sleep, prone you can become to illness. You can face mood swings, and loss of energy. Do you have a not-so-good mattress? Then it can lead to back pain and cramps during night. And a mattress may cost from a few hundred rupees to thousands of dollars. So, the mattress and your sleep get connected to your health. It is vital you buy a mattress as per the need of your body. In this article, we focus on simple tips to select the best mattress for home in town.

Types Of Mattresses

Interested to buy a mattress? You may not know to choose as there are various brands and types. Different components make various types. But you should select the model as per your need. Take time to make a perfect decision on the shop.

1. Innerspring Mattress

It makes use of a steel coil support system. There are several types. In one model, the springs get attached to a single unit. There are also models with individual pocketed coils. Yes, there are variations in the designs, spring shapes and number of coils. The padding or other materials such as foam, fiber cover the inner spring. Home improvement experts specify on greater number of coils. The reason, more support can help the sleeper.

2. Pillow-top mattress

The name suggests it all. An addition of upholstery material gets sewn to the mattress top. From a distance, you feel a pillow above the mattress. The upholstery layer can contain foam or fiber materials.

3. Hybrid mattress

This mattress is a combination of steel coil support system with one or various types of foam. The components are latex, polyurethane or viscoelastic types of foams.

4. Specialty foam mattress

The name says “special” and so it is. The foam forms the support system. It may consist of latex, polyurethane and other materials. Do you want a mattress of your type? Check with the store owner. You can have this mattress in different shapes and densities. Buying the right model can help to take care of the feel, heat and comfort features.

5. Gel mattress

The support system consists of gel. In fact, the component, gel gets added to the mattress by various kinds of technology. You can also design this mattress to have a different feel, comfort and heat dissipation feature.

6. Memory foam (viscoelastic) mattress

The important component is the polyurethane foam. It acts as the support system and this mattress adjusts as per the shape of sleeper.

7. Latex mattress

You find latex foam in the upholstery layers and all sections. This type of latex gets prepared from petroleum or plant based materials.

8. Airbed

You can, with ease, guess the component of this mattress. Air. It is the chief support system. But you cannot use this type for putting camps in the wilderness. A residential bed consists of upholstery or padding materials. The components may consist of fiber and foam. You can adjust the thickness of the bed. A rare option, you can control this bed separately to meet the changing needs.

9. Waterbed

Your kids guessed right. Water is the support system. You find two types. Hard sided and soft sided beds. Both contain water in water chambers.

Other than the above mentioned types, you also need to know about the size. It is always advisable to know the size of the bed. Because, there exists various sizes and yes, you also need to focus on quality. In recent times, it is memory foam mattresses that are ruling the roost.

Ask commoners and they specify on soft and hard aspects. A very hard mattress will give back pain. A very soft mattress can give you improper sleeping postures during deep sleep. So you should focus on medium as well hard mattresses.

How Do You Buy The Best Mattress?

  1. Trust

There is, yet, one disadvantage when choosing a mattress. You can not lie on each model and test them for a while. You have to depend on your observation skills and knowledge of your body. The best option – go for reputed products. They are known for their comfort, durability and usability. You can trust the brand names for satisfaction and other qualities.

  1. Affordable Prices

You have to fix the budget. Yes, there will be products at different prices. You need to choose a product that suits the need and the cash in your wallet. To be honest, women make the best decisions. They can shop and get the best at a low price from the reputed manufacturers.

  1. Comfort

What is the kind of mattress you need? It is necessary to have the detail. You cannot sleep on the bedding, but you can sit and test if it suits your choice.

Does it fit the body?

The mattress should give support to the spine. Your body weight should get distributed equally. Please note the individual weights can vary. Out to buy an expensive mattress? Then it is advisable to go with another person. Have clothing that is easy to test on the mattress. Do not go with shoes. Request the store owner to give permission to lie on the bed for a while. Ask your partner to check if the spine and the body weight gets distributed in a proper manner.

  1. Keep Away From Second Buys

Yes, you can buy a used air conditioner or another electronic appliance online. But it is a unwise act to buy second hand mattresses online. The simple reason, they may have lost the architectural structure.

  1. Check, Check

Do not have the notion that a expensive mattress will give good services. The store owner wants to have the item sold, so he/she has told benefits above the Sun. Do not get hoodwinked.

  1. Check the Other Side

Is the store located in a safe area? It should not be prone to bed bugs and other insects. No one likes these unwanted guests in your home. Also, it should not contain allergic pollens which may enhance asthmatic diseases. In case you have doubts, vacuum the mattress thoroughly before allowing the bed inside your home.


Buying a mattress is an investment connected to health. Take time to select the best mattress. Like electronic appliances, mattresses and carpets also need maintenance. But in this urban world, it is a challenge to clean the appliances, leave alone the upholsteries, mattresses and carpets. So what is the best solution? To opt for a professional service. It is easy, to get the best cleaning professionals  in Indian cities. For example, let us visualize a situation. You stay in Bangalore. And you decided to service the cushion and bedding items. So where will you search for the best mattress cleaning service in Bangalore? It is easy. Just search for the best home maintenance company which provides doorstep services. Download their app, and place a booking request. The concerned professional will come on the scheduled time and complete the cleaning process.


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