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The Most Recognizable Halloween Costumes for 2018

FindItMore | A little early, I know. But when else do you get to wear a rockin’ costume without being a cosplayer? Costumes have long been an essential part of human culture (every culture has a traditional costume, name one that doesn’t if you can though.) but there’s one time of the year that costumes become incredibly mainstream – Halloween.

Fun fact, halloween went from being a pagan ritual to becoming a modern party night. Halloween actually shares roots between Celtic, Pagan, Ancient Roman, and Catholic traditions; and records have it that practice of the ritual dates as far back as the Iron Age. Several elements were added to the tradition as cultures mixed by virtue of conquest (Ahem, Roman Empire) to shape the ritual into the Halloween we see in pop culture today.

It once marked the end of the Celtic Calendar and it was also meant as a way to honor the dead. It also served as the last celebration before the looming Winter which was believed to be the death of nature and harvest.

Today though, while the tradition is still meant to honor the dead, Halloween has also become a great opportunity to show your inner party animal, as well as a chance to come up with “hella lit” Instagram posts. It’s a time for a lot of preparation and well, most of the time, you’re better off just getting companies to provide you with party supplies. The colorful costumes are unique to Halloween. The problem though, is that Halloween costumes quickly become ad nauseum to behold because… well, everybody wants to be a sexy version of something.

But you, my dear readers aren’t just like “everybody”. These are some of the best costume ideas that are “Instagram-able”. Read on to break out of that creativity block that so many people encounter come Halloween.

Black Panther

Yes, King T’Challa of Wakanda is set to be an extremely popular costume this year. If the movie box earnings of the movie aren’t a clear tell-tale of how popular the movie was, then I’m not sure what is. Either way, it’s a great costume to wear if you’re looking to flaunt those muscles you’ve worked so hard to get.

Rick Sanchez

Szechuan sauce. The show managed to create a craze over a long gone-condiment. There are some pretty hardcore Rick and Morty fans out there and dressing up as the smartest being in the universe is apt to get you a lot of attention. The best part is that there are so many variations of Rick Sanchez to choose from. (I may even dare you to go as Pickle Riiiick)

Daenerys Targaryen

None other than the Mother of Dragons herself, few GoT characters can hold as much appeal as she. The series has been one of the most successful in HBO, despite how violent and how sexual it tends to get. This costume does tend to start a lot of role-playing, if you’re into that.

Pennywise the Clown

Clowns are the stuff of nightmares for some people and Pennywise, especially from the classic It, is the ultimate. You’re sure to instill fear in a lot of people, though, it’s quickly going to wear off since there’s the element of familiarity involved. Do take note though that it’s illegal to wear clown masks in some states.

Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren is easily one of the most iconic characters in modern culture. And despite the polarizing effect The Last Jedi had on many hardcore Star Wars fans, if there’s one undeniable fact, it’s that the masked Master of the Knights of Ren is a cool costume to wear.


Very few characters will ever be as cool as the Caped Crusader. With a proper Batman costume, a toned physique, and, if you can, that Christian Bale guttural voice impression, you’ve got a recipe for drawing attention at almost any Halloween party. The only trouble is that it’s a go-to costume for a lot of people, so, you’re really going to have to invest in a high-grade Batman costume, ideally, the Dark Knight Batman is going to be your best bet.

The Classic Star Wars Rebel Pilot

You don’t always have to dress as a popular movie character to stand out from the crowd. Sometimes, it’s the unsung heroes in the background who make for some really interesting fits. Literally every Millennial is going to recognize the orange jumpsuit, the white helmet, and the Rebel Alliance insignia.


If you’re hell bent on doing something sexy, then this costume is definitely going to do the trick. Body-hugging fabrics, the iconic black on red motif, and the fact that everyone instantly thinks you’re “flexible” is apt to drop a few jaws. Not to mention the fact that the sequel took almost ten years to arrive, which made it a highly-anticipated movie.


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