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Use 7 Hidden Secrets and Avoid 5 Errors In SERP’s to Improve SEO

FindItMore | As much for the SEO as for the experiences that the users live every day in their searches, the SERP’S, or pages of results of the search engines, are in permanent process of evolution.

Since the beginning of Internet searches, the SERP’S have had truly drastic changes and modifications. While it is true that many search engines change aesthetically in terms of offering different styles to users, others also evolve to better respond to their needs.

Seven fundamental secrets of the SERP’S that will improve your SEO

The secrets of SERP’S and its importance for SEO

Most of the results pages have seven areas whose knowledge can be very useful in SEO strategies. We tell you what they are.

The information of the announcements

While not all search engines have ads, in the case of those who do have it is important to look at their information. This allows us to access optimized creativity for SEO and paid search, being able to even guide the creation of content using social networks or advertising that is offline.

In cases of competitive industries, paid search lists allow you to dominate the top of the list of results. It’s also a great way to show ads that are completely different from what you usually see in the competition.

Understand the value of keywords

Once you understand the importance of advertisers in a company, it’s time to access a list of key keywords, so you can understand their value for SEO.

Analyzes must be carried out to account for what kind of keywords, related to the offer, contain the greatest possibilities for growth. The necessary data can be found in Google AdWords and Bing Ads.

Use paid search to assess the sophistication of the competition’s landing page

The first thing that should be clarified at this point is that, to achieve this, the SERP is left momentarily, although later it will be able to return. A good level of sophistication can be found if the competitor is using a special landing page that does not seem part of the fundamental page. It is important to evaluate what the competition does at this point, to learn about it.

Pay attention to the news

Search engines usually present a news box. It is very important to be attentive to it, both for its presence and its position on the page. An excellent idea is to see what the news is about and, if one of our keywords appears in the news of a day, that day publish new content with the same keyword.

Address the local vs the national

What we have noticed over time is that search engines tend to have a preference for results of national relevance rather than local presence. It is necessary to be able to figure among the points nearby when people do related searches near the site where they are, to be able to compete even with suppliers that have a national presence.

Obtain the granular with additional information provided in the SERPs

This point is very important for SEO. It’s about using everything. The Google knowledge chart appears when the search for a brand is made, and can be observed immediately. There are cases in which users do not see a brand, because they may not have enough presence.

Optimize the Google knowledge graph

One way to control this graph is by setting up Google My Business. Also, it is about demonstrating that the brand you have is worthy of being incorporated into the graphic, especially due to the probability that a user makes an attempt to find it.

Some SEO errors that even experts commit and you should avoid

In what refers to SEO, we can say that many errors tend to occur as a result of the lack of information that is available and access to all. And while it is true that there are certain mistakes that can be redeemed, there are others that even the experts still have and that can eventually affect the positioning.

Prioritize bots over real people

While this is something that has been left aside over time, there are still professionals who choose to place the bots above human beings. This tends to cause us to resort to ineffective strategies, such as the filling of keywords and certain linking schemes that are manipulative.

Nowadays, it is much more efficient to attend to the needs and interests of the same users. Because of this, satisfying SEO goes hand in hand with satisfying the interests of people who come to a website.

Forget to identify performance indicators that are important

Many are today’s specialists who know they cannot be guided by the success of certain metrics, but there are those who only get carried away by them. Although at first sight it might be thought that these indicators are useful, we can take into account, for example, the case of incoming links. These cannot be taken as key indicators in any context, but their reliability depends on each particular situation.

More and more specialists are realizing that, in order for a metric to be taken as a valuable indicator, it must be taken as a function of a general context, referring to the objectives of the project.

Follow advice that comes from unreliable sources

The overpopulation of information on the web can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the way you take it. Although more and more measures are taken to avoid erroneous or outdated information, it is easy and frequent to find it.

At this point, while it is important to keep abreast of the advances and changes in what refers to SEO, it is very important to verify that these are updated sites. To carry out the SEO correctly, we must inform about it in places that we can trust and that have up-to-date information.

Not accompany the performance

There are still professionals who forget to carry out correctly the monitoring of the achievements that are being achieved. But forgetting this step can cause us to be wrong in the strategy and we do not realize, or we cannot adjust the course with the passage of time.

We are not going to say that it is completely wrong to follow our instincts, but it is necessary to have metrics that show us our progress, to continue the path with greater security.

Do not focus on strategies

Here, what is at stake is the difference between the terms “tactics” and “strategy”. With the important availability of information that we can access on the web, it is very easy to constantly find new tactics that can get our attention. However, a common mistake among SEO specialists is to be guided more by tactics than by a common strategy.

Choosing a strategy offers us the possibility of establishing a plan and moving forward with it. In this way, we will obtain long-term results. WBS: Womens Bomber Jackets manufacturer while promoting their shopping site revealed these secrets & noticed a drastic change in SERP.


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