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Skip Red: 5 Ways To Wear Living Coral Makeup This Holiday Season

FindItMore | Admit it – every holiday season, you think of wearing nothing but red, from your red cocktail dress to your bright red lipstick. If you want to change that up this year, we’ve got good news for you: Pan tone just announced its 2019 color of the year and it deserves a spot in your beauty arsenal!

It’s not orange. It’s not pink. It’s living coral – a godsend not only for design aficionados but for beauty junkies too.Coral, however, is not new to the makeup scene. The pink-orange hybrid has long been a go-to makeup color since it’s easy to wear and flattering for all skin types.

If you’re thinking of punching up your looks with coral, here are 5 smart ways to incorporate it in your makeup.


Yes, matte neutral lids are nice and all, but don’t you like to get out of your comfort zone and play with bold pops of color? Coral eye shadow and eyeliner helps you do just that!

The pink-orange hybrid can be surprisingly flattering for the lids in different ways.

  • Matte eye shadow

A matte coral eye shadow and make it pop for a striking statement pair of peepers. You can also blend it out for a soft hint of warm hue.

  • Sheer eye shadow

If you want to take your eye shadow game to the next level, you may opt for metallic, milky shades of coral. This will make your eyes shine – literally.

  • Glossy eyelids

Just because glossy is associated with the lips doesn’t mean you can’t do the same for your eyes. Use shimmery (not glitter) eye shadow first – the finer the shimmer, the better the wet look. For a dewy, glass-like look, dab the tiniest bit of clear gloss on your eyelids. It could be a lip gloss, balm, or a high-impact face gloss.

  • Coral liquid eyeliner

Eyeliners don’t have to be just black or just white – coral works too for that signature cat eye of yours. Don’t forget to apply mascara to make the eyes the center of attention.


Under-eye makeup is a huge hit right now – and coral is your safe ticket to having gorgeous lower lash lines.

The next time you’re using your eye shadow palette for your lids, make sure to coat your lower lash lines too. Use an extra dense makeup brush to rock this look without going far outside the waterline.

Another reminder: Squeeze a few redness-relieving eye drops into your eyes. This way, the under eye makeup won’t be able to highlight any redness and make you look like you have allergies.


There’s no doubt that coral is one of the most universally flattering blush colors out there. Chances are, you’re probably using a coral blush right now. It might be a matte finish, cream blush, or a lip-cheek tint.

You know the drill: smile and simply dust it (or swirl it) on the apples of your cheeks. That’ll give you a radiant complexion that looks like you’ve slept for 8 hours last night.


Give your go-to red lippie a break this Holiday season and reach for a coral lipstick instead! Whether you’re opting for a softer, more natural pout or a bolder, more vibrant shade, a quick swipe of coral on your lips never disappoint.

Whether you’re going for a matte, sheer, or glossy lips up to you – all shades look stunning on everyone anyway. But if you’re wondering about the best of the best lip shade for your skin tone, here’s a brief guide:

  • If you have a light/fair skin tone:Light, soft coral shades with mainly cool undertones suit best for fair complexions.

For fair skin with cool undertones: Look for cool pink-based coral.

For fair skin with warm undertones:Opt for a product that slightly leans more on the orange side.

  • If you have a medium skin tone: Feel free to wear more vibrant shades in fruity hues like peach, tangerine, and apricot.

Cool undertones: Try peachy corals

Warm undertones:Opt for a warmer orange shade.

  • If you have a dark/deep skin tone:Ladies with deeper complexions look stunning with bright shades.

Cool undertones: Bright coral hues with a slight touch of red are your best bets

Warm undertones: Go as orange as you please with orange-based corals.


Unlike other color palettes, you can mix and match all these coral makeup styles into one edgy monochromatic look. Just make sure you’re following a solid makeup routine to create a base for a chic coral combo look that lasts all day.

Mina Corpuz

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