Blocked drains

Using DIY Remedies to Work on Blocked Drains

FindItMore | Blocked or clogged drain is not something uncommon. It is a problem faced by many and you are not the only one. So, working on some DIY remedies before you call a professional is just what you need. You don’t have to wait for the expert plumbers to visit your doorstep for a petty plumbing job. You need to take measures instantly with your own hands, if you don’t want water to overflow and cause dreadful scenario at home. So, look for some easy tricks and tips to help you unclog blocked drains in the easiest way possible. Just try to search for the best and rewarding tips, available online.

Taking help of bent wire hanger:

This product is no doubt simple, but it definitely has a surprising effect. Try taking a regular coat hanger, which isn’t hard to find. After that, straighten it out as much as possible. Now, bend one side of the hanger to create a smaller hook. Then, push the hook down the drain cover and start using the basic fishing technique. This will help you to get all sorts of nasty stuff and hair out of the drains mouth. Remember to pull the gunk out of the drain and not push it harder. After you have got enough gunk out, pour in some hot water and clear blocked drains properly.

Try using a plunger:

Well, this is the most common tool, which is found in every household. Plunger is your one-stop remedy to basic blocked drains, which you should always keep handy, as you never know when you may need it. Remember to buy a big plunger, which can easily cover the entire mouth of the blocked drain. After that, press it and pull the plunger rapidly at the same time for approximately 35 seconds.

In case, water starts draining slowly, try adding more water and then continue using this draining tool. On the other hand, if water starts draining rapidly, then bingo you have unblocked the mouth easily! If after using the plunger the drain is still clogged, you should try using a drain snake. This is important to dislodge hair and some other gunky stuff from the drain’s mouth. Later on, you can use chemicals to cover the drain mouth for some time and then pour hot water to unblock it.

Perfect mix of baking soda and vinegar:

This mixture of baking soda with vinegar and salt is what every household owner is aware of to clear blocked drains. This mixture needs to be assisted with hot water. At first, you have to pour in the baking soda. After leaving it like that for some time, it is time to add hot water. The baking soda and hot water will form a reaction, which in turn helps in unclogging the drains.

In case, this method fails to work you can add vinegar to baking soda. Let it sit inside the pipes for few hours as with time, it helps in clearing the pipes. After that, pour a bit extra vinegar and then drain it with hot water. The method is a lucrative DIY style to get blocked drains uncover in no time.

Try using caustic soda:

In this regard, make sure to use some protective eye covers and gloves. Caustic soda might give rise to some nasty chemical burns, which you don’t want in the list. Therefore, it is mandatory that you pick some up from the local hardware store and be very gentle while pouring it down the drain pipe. After that, pour gallons of water to clear the blocked drains for good. The entire procedure is designed to work when the homemade recipes fail to function properly.


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