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5 Websites to Create Animations and Videos in a Simple Way

FindItMore | Do not know how to publicize your company or product? We know that many times an image says more than a thousand words. And in terms of publicizing a product or explaining an idea, a slide full of text is not the best option. There are even rules that many experts have established to determine how many slides it is ideal to project during a presentation since after a while you will lose the attention of your audience because they will be completely bored. The handling of colors is also an important aspect that you must take care of because it can have a great influence on the mood of your audience.

A strategy to keep the attention of the public, especially when you are promoting a product or service is to create small video capsules. And if the technique of using video is attractive, imagine what animation would achieve. Today we bring you a series of web applications with which you can create animations and videos to give you the extra that your presentations need. With them you do not need to be an expert, they are all guiding you through the process and using them is very simple. Go ahead and try them and tell us what you think of them.

FlexClip Video Maker
To impress your clients, to capture the attention of your students or simply to generate better visual campaigns, FlexClip is your best option. In addition to creating animated videos, with FlexClip the possibilities are more varied since it offers production of business videos, promotional videos, videos for web, videos for sales, for marketing and mobile applications. To start creating videos like a professional, you just have to add photos, text or music, and customize the font, timing, rotation, and more. Once you are satisfied with your work, you can download it in an MP4 format. The video definition can ba 480p, 720p and 1080p.

Powtoon is a web service that will help you create great animated presentations with a few clicks. To use the service, just create an account with your email or use your Facebook, Google or Linkedin accounts to log in. Powtoon has predesigned templates that you can edit and customize to your liking. With a lot of tips and tutorials on the blog, you will never be stuck. Drag-and-drop is used to create animations and videos. At the end of your projects, you have the possibility to export your video to YouTube with a single click.

Moovly is a multi-media content creation platform. It is designed with a friendly and intuitive interface. In Moovly you can create a variety of multimedia files; for example animated explanatory videos, promo videos, training videos, video presentations, electronic cards, animated infographics, and other animated content. In this case, the free version of Moovly lets you create unlimited videos of up to 10 minutes, but its storage space is reduced (100 MB) and only gives you to save approximately 20 files.

Go Animate
The mission of Go Animate is to allow more and more companies, schools, and individuals to make videos quickly and easily. The service provides the user with hundreds of objects, including characters, backgrounds, accessories, audio tracks and sound effects that are constantly being updated. Go Animate also has a simple but powerful import tool so you can upload your own audios, images, and videos. It also provides templates and predetermined sequences to support users who are just starting to use the service.

Visme is a multi-tool to create all kinds of visual content. Start by choosing a template or a blank sheet, and then customize your project with the elements you want whether they are images (Flikr images to use freely in your projects) or multimedia files, text, icons, shapes, etc. You can make your project public or private and share it, download it or embed it on your website.

Above are the five best online video creation websites. Hope you find this article helpful and choose the one that best fits your purpose in your work, study, or entertainment. If you have any ideas or opinions, please leave a comment below regarding Animations and Videos.


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