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Writing Tips: How to Explain Writing to Five-Year-Old

FindItMore | Writing can be complicated. If you were to explain writing in the simplest terms, you would consider various steps. The following sub-topics would ensure that anyone understands about writing.

  • The meaning of writing
  • Steps to writing a good paper
  • Features of a good paper
  • Getting help

Addressing these sub-topics will help everyone to understand the concept of writing. The most important thing is knowing that writing requires time, effort, and good writings skills. Let us look at every sub-topic.

  • Writing

Writing involves the use of symbols to communicate ideas and thoughts in a clear and logical manner. Writing is common in high schools, college, universities and even in the business world. For students writing assignments is common. The assignments can be different types of essays, research paper, summary, or stories. For businesses, one may be required to write a speech, a business proposal, or a business plan.

For a good piece of writing, a writer must have good writing skills. This will ensure that they communicate clearly with the reader. Lack of these skills may lead to a paper that less clear. In such a case, the reader will not understand the intended message. If this was for evaluation and grading purpose, the writer will definitely fail.

Some people with writing talent and good writing skills find it easy to produce high-quality paper. For others, the writing process is challenging. Either to write a good paper, one should follow various steps.

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These include;

  • Determining the kind of paper that is required

Writing can take various forms. As stated, it can take the form of essays, summaries, research papers, or speech among others. You can only write a good paper if you know the kind of paper you are expected to write. For instance, if it’s an essay, what kind of essay are you supposed to write? Is it a narrative or an expository essay?

  • Brainstorming

To write a good paper, you must start by having an idea of what you need to write about. If a topic is provided, you come up with possible arguments supporting it. If you are expected to come up with a topic, you brainstorm to come up with possible topics and then you choose the most appropriate. If your paper is short, the topic should be narrow enough. Look for specific events. If it’s longer go for a topic that is not too broad or too narrow.

  • Do research.

After you choose your topic, you need to conduct research. This involves looking for available information related to your topic. You can use books from your library. You can also consider looking over the internet for sources that are reliable. Doing research involves looking at what other people are saying about your topic.

  • Develop a good structure

Structuring a paper helps in producing clear and understandable work. A paper that is well-structured has an introduction, main body, and conclusion.

  • Introduction

In most cases, an introduction is made of one paragraph. However, this varies depending on the length of your paper. Here, you introduce your topic and tell the reader how you plan to address it. Writing the introduction after you are done with the main body is more effective. This is because at this point you already know the points you have written and how you have addressed your topic.

  • Main body

In this part, the main idea of the paper is explained. For short paper, three paragraphs are common. However, the number of supporting arguments determines the number of paragraphs. This means that some papers can have 3 others, 4, or even more. Every paragraph contains a supporting argument, evidence, examples, and relevant referencing.

  • Conclusion

The conclusion involves highlighting the most important arguments throughout the paper. It is usually short. It is like a short summary of your paper. Sometimes it contains recommendations.

  • Features of a good paper

For you to write a good paper, you must ensure that it has the following characteristics;

  • Correct grammar/spelling/punctuation

To communicate clearly to your reader, you must use correct grammar, spellings, and punctuation. Making either of the mistakes serves as a communication barrier affecting the quality of your paper.

  • Proper referencing

In case you use quotes from another source or paraphrase someone’s ideas, you must recognize the authors.

  • Originality

Originality means avoiding copying someone else’s work as your own. You should use your own ideas.

  • Getting help

As explained, writing is not easy. It requires good writing skills. The problem is that not everyone possesses these skills. Some students have the content but end up failing when they submit their writing assignments. This is because they lack good writing skills. Such students can seek help from professional writers who are readily available online.

The academically and professionally qualified writers guide students through writing a high-quality paper. Since they are well-experienced, they know to structure a paper properly, how to use correct grammar, and correct formatting. They also know how to find quality content and how to write an original paper. Whichever assistance one may require in writing, the excellent writers are able to offer it.

All a student needs to do, find a reliable service, locate a writer with knowledge in their field, and explained the help they require. After agreeing in terms and conditions, the student is assisted. Anyone can have problems is writing. Whether it is a high school student, college, or even university. The professional writers can help anyone regardless of their academic level.

Every student desires to achieve good grades. Writing quality assignments is one way of achieving this desire. If a student has writing talent and good writing skills, they are sure of getting good grades. For those with no talent or even good writing skills, they should seek professional help from qualified writers. They will be guided on writing a high-quality paper.


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