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Yoga Asana For Healthy Life Style

FindItMore | Instead of going to gym, we can perform home based exercises like Cardio exercise. On the other side, Yoga Asana give better results and guarantee for a healthy lifestyle. Yoga relieves you from stress and tension as this involves stretching your arms and legs. Yoga Asana provides mental peace and mind relaxation.

A six packed or eight packed body can be attained through gym equipment, but, instead of this, a healthy life can be attained by several Yoga Asana. Mental peace, mind refreshment, good physique, concentration power, prevention from diseases is the positive gains obtained in doing this Yoga Asana.

Everyone can do Yoga including pregnant ladies, old aged people irrespective of age groups, but, there are restrictions and limitations. Ladies at home and professionals who go to office daily are willingly practicing Yoga at home. In order to practice Yoga Asana, it is recommended Yoga classes daily at the initial stage so that you would not get any doubt in implementation.


Surya Namaskar is the well-known asana for beginners. It involves a set of 12 yoga positions that allows a full body stretch. For enhancing metabolism, body physique and reducing belly fat, these are highly suggested.

It is the best recommended Yoga Asana in starting your day’s work with mind freshness.

Many mobile videos are seen in Internet that enhances your knowledge further.

  • First, Expand your chest and relax your shoulders.
  • Then, Lift your arms with inhalation and bring your arms to a prayer position before chest.
  • Exhale the air and bend forward such that you should touch your feet and head facing your knees.
  • Bend your left knee and then, stretch your right leg towards back and keep your face facing front.
  • After this, stretching your left keg backward and come to plank position.
  • Lay down on the floor such that your spine should eject out and your knees, chest and chin touching the floor. Your face should be facing front.
  • Forward stretch and backward bend is the next step so that your body should have a V-shape such that your back projects upwards. After inhalation, your body should rest on your palms and foot.
  • Bring the right leg forward in between your hands and then the left leg forward.
  • During this move, exhale the air and your hands should touch your feet such that you have to be in a bending position.
  • Stretch backward and come back to the initial prayer position.
  • It is high recommended to do this exercise with an empty stomach in the early morning so that actual benefits can be gained.

Pavanamuktasana is a yoga position that helps a person in getting relieved from constipation, indigestion, and gastric problems.  In this posture, your knees should exert pressure on tummy and your hands should hold your knees.

  • This is also useful for strengthening abdominal muscles and back muscles.

Patients suffering from heart diseases, high BP and spinal problems and Women during menstruation period should not do this.

Padahastasana, consists of a forward bend from the standing posture and your head should face your knees with your hands holding toes. This asana will develop a stress on your abdomen so that your tummy gets toned down.

  • Enhances digestion process and abdominal muscles will be toned down.
  • Wrist joints will be strengthened

People suffering from spinal problems are exempted from doing this posture.


Paschimottanasana is a forward bend posture like Padahastasana, but, it has to be done in a seated position.

  • Stretch of thighs, hips and hamstrings is done completely.
  • Balancing of Menstrual cycles and fat reduction in the abdomen are the expected outcomes after doing this asana.

Asthma and Diarrhoea patients and those with spinal disorders and abdominal problems.

Uttanpadasana  is a raised foot posture which involves laying down on the floor and then, lifting your foot upward. You can reduce fat from thighs, hips and lower abdomen.

  • Women after pregnancy would have developed fat around their waist. They can reduce t with this.
  • Also, People having spinal injury are suggested to practice this asana daily.
  • For proper functioning of reproductive organs and Blood circulation, this asana is more preferable.

Another notable advantage involves treatment of acidity and constipation problems and curing of back pain.


Dhanurasana is a bow pose meant for tummy reduction such that it involves holding your legs in the backward pose thus; an easy stretch to various body parts like arms, chest, abdomen, thighs is possible with this asana.

Bhujangasana is a cobra pose that can elongate your abdomen muscles. This asana is useful for back muscles and you will get relief from your back pain. Notably, people try to strain their back muscles in view of doing exercises; they should follow the necessary steps and time duration in maintaining a posture.

  • Toning down of your abdomen is the major effect
  • Stress relief from back muscles is also possible.

Ushtrasana  is a camel pose as a backward stretch can reduce the developed  stress in  abdominal muscles when doing the boat pose asana.

  • Start with Vajrasana posture, kneel down and stretch back. You should then keep hold of this posture for 30 seconds.

People with high BP, severe heart problems, neck and back injury should keep away in doing this asana.

Majariasna is a cat pose performed for attaining flexible spine. A person has to maintain his body in a concave structure.

  • Burning of Belly fat is possible
  • Tension relieving from lower back
  • Strengthening of spinal cord
  • Vajrasana is the starting pose of this asana.

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