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Beautiful People of The Rif Mountains of Morocco

FindItMore | Anyone who visits the magnificent mountains of the Rif of northern Morocco for the first time marvels at the idyllic, tranquil and peaceful character of life. But the guest who dwells there rapidly discovers the deep and irreversible poverty that worries the inhabitants of this wild and rocky region. And as is always the case in the context of acute poverty, the children of the Rif must, to survive, be tenacious, adaptable and quick-minded.

Children of the mountains of the Rif of Morocco – Sensi Seeds blog for these children, schooling is far from being achieved. Although free education exists in the state, it is still limited and too often inaccessible for Rif children who live in remote areas, who do not have access to transport, or who simply have to go to other facilities occupations. Many families recognize that education can improve socioeconomic conditions, but this is not yet certain, and many parents, by necessity, take advantage of their children by putting them to work – cultivating cannabis in the fields, Preparing tagines for tourists, washing cars on the shoulders of winding roads, with the water that they themselves carry Akchour cascades.

Indeed, the boys are busy with many tasks at these magnificent and popular Cascades located near Chefchaouen, one of the main cities of the mountains of the Rif. When we begin our ascent to reach the private land roads with Virikson Morocco Holidays that have been made by the locals to serve the vast cannabis fields that stretch a little beyond the ridge overlooking the main tourist trail Looks at the tourists, who are unaware of their existence), a boy of about nine years offers us hashish, while another scrub a soup ture larger than him, squatting in a quiet and shallow section of the falls. Two other boys, about 14 or 15 years old, are actively involved in preparing a tagine for a family in southern Morocco, Sitting at a table not far away. All seem smart, confident and completely at ease in their premature adult role.

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Children of the mountains of the Rif of Morocco – Sensi Seeds blog thus, the children of this region learn quickly, and their way of life lies in strange limbo. On the one hand, they are condemned to inexorable poverty and, on the other hand, they hope to reach the jackpot – the jackpot evidently refers to aromatic herbal products grown in the Rif mountains – Which would enable them to escape poverty once and for all. For the majority of them, life comes down to receiving meager pay, waiting months, without substantial salary, the coming of the next small stroke of luck. Most of these children will never have the opportunity to earn a consistent and adequate salary, or even when they are adults.

On the other hand, boys of the Rif have access to a privilege that more and more well-behaved Western children do not have: the freedom to simply live and to live simply. They are free to provide for themselves on the land, for tourists, in the way they want, provided they do not play in the wrong flower beds and Distribute to the right persons the rebates due to them.

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For girls, it’s a different story. Although Morocco is extremely moderate in terms of Islamic norms, girls are nevertheless very restricted in their daily activities, and undeniably less free. This is not the case systematically, and several young girls have the freedom to play and run with boys, but an undeniable bias prevails; When it is claimed to protect them and to preserve their virtue, in certain cases, the exact opposite is done.

Children of the mountains of the Rif of Morocco – Sensi Seeds blog I was told about a dynamic industry in which underage girls (and sometimes boys) are forced into prostitution by their own families. They are offered for only 50 dirhams (a little over $ 5) per night. I was also told that this trade is not a condition for the child to be returned in good condition – in the event that damage is caused, the situation can usually be settled by paying the family a sum equivalent to the Potential loss of income.

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This obscure slope of the Rif Mountains is shocking and extremely worrying, but it is not surprising that such situations occur in an area of ​​such poverty and visited by so many tourists, traders, and hashish traffickers. However, there are signs of improvement, and as Morocco continues its journey towards modernization, the boys and girls of the Rif Mountains will undoubtedly experience better conditions.

A little later, we stop to have our car washed by one of the small groups of boys who abound on the roadside which takes us back to Tetouan. We greet them, and in a clumsy French, I begin a conversation with one of the boys. His name is Mohammed, and he is one of the most fortunate: although he has to work hard during the holidays, he will return to school next week. While we were talking, his father approached, proudly put his arm on his son’s shoulders. As we leave them, father and son bid farewell to us.


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