How Instagram Can Help Build Your Brand

FindItMore | There is no guaranteed formula to a successful business. Having a good product or service is a good start but there are so many other factors involved in business that can play a crucial part in whether a company will be a big hit or not. Getting a product or a service is one thing, then you need to develop a brand around it and really make it your own so that any customers will know that the product belongs to your company and that, in the future, when you release different products, they will know what to expect once they see it comes from your brand. Developing a brand is not easy. You need to focus on coming up with a unique style for the product while also guarantee its quality. You then need to find an outlet that allows you to share this brand with the world so that the buying public are aware of what your brand offers.

What is branding?

This is something that all companies do with their products and their brand. They work hard to promote a certain image of the values their company stands for and the qualities they include in their products. By doing so, they hope to reassure customers that this is part of their ethos and that the customers will consciously or subconsciously relate this branding with all future products and promotions made by the company. This is a very clever attempt to associate a particular image with the company and, when successful, the brand becomes as important, if not more so, than the product or service being promoted behind its image.

How is branding developed?

There are many ways to build brands. The most common ones focus on creating distinctive and easily-recognizable corporate images which people can pick out at a distance and will be able to recognize, even if they are not interested in the product it is associated with. Another way that identifiable brands are developed is through the development of a close relationship with customers and potential customers. This is done through traditional advertising on television, billboards and print media, though nowadays these traditional styles are increasingly being left behind as businesses turn to the area of society where people, especially young people, are most involved: social media, and, in particular, Instagram.

What can Instagram do for branding?

Instagram is the ideal place for trying to develop a brand for any company that craves instant recognition of its products or services. Instagram has numerous factors which make it stand out as beneficial for companies looking to develop a particular brand but there are several which are particularly important and make it the place to be for any company that is trying to mold its brand and get it out there to a new range of customers. There are many different things that you can try to work on your branding but first we will look at why Instagram is so useful for branding.

What are the benefits of Instagram?

Firstly, the number of Instagram users makes it an extremely attractive prospect: there are somewhere around a billion Instagram users who use their account in some shape or form over the course of every month, while half a billion Instagram users log into the social network on a daily basis. Bearing these numbers in mind, it is also important to know that 80% of Instagram users follow at least one business online and Instagram boasts better business engagement from its users than other social networks. Additionally, the majority of Instagram users are young, with some 68% of them being under the age of 35. Instagram provides a direct route to contact and interact with real people and find out about their lives. This is something that is immensely beneficial for businesses as they can then use this information for their own market research. Finally, and perhaps most importantly in terms of building a brand, Instagram thrives on visual information with written information taking a backseat. This means that brand identification is an important area as Instagram users are more used to quickly processing images and taking meaning from them.

How can you get your brand out there?

The most recognizable names on Instagram are always the ones with the most followers so if you want to make it up to their level, you are going to need to get lots of followers too. Once you get more followers and more interaction with your profile and your content, then you automatically become more visible to even more Instagram users and this makes the number of people seeing your account and becoming interested in it grow again. It is something of a snowball effect and once it gets going, it can be very hard to stop. As such, you need to work on getting followers and getting them to be interested in your content at all times. The simple answer is to post engaging and high-quality content but this isn’t always going to get you to where you want to be. At first, you need people to be aware of your followers and this means you need people interacting with your profile. A good idea could be to buy followers on Instagram. By doing so, you pay for the services of real Instagram users who agree to follow your account and then begin to interact with your content in a natural way, which, in turn, generates more visibility for your profile.

The key thing here is getting people behind you and being able to have them see your brand and then being able to spread it around the globe to the hundreds of millions of Instagram users out there. It is an opportunity that cannot be missed and one that is so easily available that any business needs to make the most of it.


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