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How To Increase Millennial User Engagement In A Social Network

FindItMore | With the onset of a new year, digital marketers all around the world are trying to come up with new ways by which they can engage millennial users through social media for their branding and marketing needs. Various techniques such as photo filters and augmented reality have gone through leaps of development in the recent times.

However, marketers are still trying to boost millennial user engagement in social networking sites to benefit from their business. It has been observed that most millennials tend to spend at least 6 to 7 hours on a weekly basis with social media platforms. Therefore it is of utmost importance to target the millennials through social media platforms and engage them in the best possible way.

Here are some smart ways of increasing millennial user engagement in social networking sites.

Enhanced Personalization

Most of the social media networks make use of enhanced analytics to personalize their content and advertising campaigns for their target users. It has been discovered that about 75% of users tend to get bored with a site that offers sponsored content that has hardly got to do anything with their interests. Up until now, personalization has been a concept that was associated with adverts that creepily follow the users all over internet wherever they go, even long after they have left a shopping cart. However, in the recent times, many social media sites like FaceBook is using deep learning methods to detect the browsing habits, passions and changing interests of the users. Using advanced algorithms, they are focusing on studying user interests from the photos that they post and note the brands used by the potential customers.

Better quality videos

Over the last few years, there has been a considerable increase of interest for social media video as traditional cable video sees a drop in popularity. More numbers of videos are getting streamed on now at any given moment. A large percentage of people nowadays love watching YouTube, Vimeo and other major video platforms. More than 50% of users visit YouTube for at least once on a per day basis. Likewise, FaceBook video also enjoys a lot of engagement, even though they only enjoy marginal popularity of the videos presented by YouTube. Nevertheless, videos searched and enjoyed through social media offers a lot of great scope for brands to promote themselves.

Engagement for the mobile users

It is a well known fact that most people nowadays tend to spend a great deal of their time browsing through their mobile devices. Therefore marketers planning to appeal to millennials must focus on creating content that is mobile friendly. All adverts and promotional campaigns used through social media should be optimized effectively for mobile users. All these facts encourage most of the app development companies india agencies to focus more on developing interactive mobile application so as to attract and retain users.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality is a powerful tool that can guarantee excellent user engagement if used in the right way. By adding 3D elements in a video or other media, it can spark the interest of the users and encourage them to spend more time exploring the possibilities of such content.

It is not always possible to do everything on our own. Therefore, you must be wise enough to partner with an expert firm. When it comes to creating brand awareness online, you can choose to partner with best technology firms which owns relevant experience in that field. These professional agencies work out a plan to begin with and that can eventually help you reach out to meet your goals and aspirations.


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