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Showbox App: Another Source of Entertainment

FindItMore | In our day-to-day life, the only source of entertainment available is the roadside quarrels and pulling your friend’s or colleague’s leg. Without a doubt, it is one of the most interesting entertainments, where humouris involved and your different senses like the ability to sense fear, effective communication skills and patience are tested and developed.

Well, this source of entertainment is free of cost, but we all do require some sort of change in the routine. Well, here comes the necessity of entertainment via a source of media.

Television programs have always been a reliable source for decades now. Although there is a lot of amazing content still broadcasted on television, we have found a new addiction; addiction to mobile phones. Doesn’t matter whether you use it for texting, calling or just to kill time. It has turned out to be an addiction. Yes, addictions are bad, however, this addiction is a necessity rather than hazardous.  Smartphones are gorgeous, they allow you to carry all your valuables with you, including Identity Cards, Money (e-Wallets & Bank Apps) and the To-Do list.

A few years ago, the only source of entertainment that was available on mobile phones were games. No doubt, we all used to enjoy playing games on a digital screen, however, as I mentioned earlier, we need a change in the routine. So, we shifted to streaming videos online via YouTube and some other websites as well. However, streaming videos online had its own limitation: the content was monotonous, there wasn’t anything that enticed after a few clips, and a lack of engagement ensued the complete audience in shifting to some other source of entertainment. The biggest limitation is that feature films and web-series (especially English-language) were not available.

Here came the show-stopper, Showbox. It’s an application that allows you to stream videos online free of cost. The content is excellent and there is a lot of content from various parts of the world. Hence, increasing exposure. Let’s go through some of the key aspects of this application.

  1. Engaging Content:The content available on Showbox is curated from around the world. Shows from Australia, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, India etc. are available. Not only shows, but feature films are also a major part of their collection. Since the list of programmes is curated from different countries, it builds immense interest for the viewers. This interest is the reason for all the viewers to be engaged with the application constantly. The other reason for people being engaged to this app rather than their television is that on the database of Showbox, the content is updated instantly after broadcasting in the respective country. This increases the audience’s involvement. A psychological seed is planted, “Before anyone else”!
  2. Updating the Content Regularly: Showbox has a policy of regular updating the content. Every week, numerous shows, films and episodes are uploaded on its database that gives the user full access to the hot and trending content. Once a program is broadcasted on the television or streamed on the online portal, it is immediately uploaded on the application.
  3. Downloadable:All the content available on the Showbox app is downloadable. The app provides the user with an option to download the programme. This download uses mobile memory. The programme stays in the memory unless it is deleted; i.e. downloads are without an expiration date.
  4. Free: Showbox is a free application that can be directly installed on your mobile phone. There are no subscription fees for either streaming the programmes online nor a charge for the downloads. The entire application is free of cost application.

Well, an application that is free, updates content regularly and provides an option for downloading is the best; isn’t it? However, there are a few glitches with this app as well.

  1. Only Android:As Android is a free platform, there are no charges for the operating system, making it open and highly manipulative, this application works only on Android. So, iPhone users still need to pay subscriptions to stream their desired quality content.
  2. Infringement:The content available on the Showbox app is not all licensed. There might be an issue with the copyright. As such, there isn’t a problem, however, your viewing pattern, preferences, likes and interests are been monitored by the organization who holds the copyrights for that programme. Apart from the monitorization; all the downloads are via torrent, which again is illegal as drugs.
  3. High-Speed Data:The application requires high-speed data to stream the video. A very strong internet connection is required as the videos are either HD (720ppi) or Full HD (1080ppi). Streaming videos of this quality require a very strong, and continuous internet connection and speed.
  4. Unofficial: Showbox cannot be downloaded from the Google Play store as it is not an official Google app. A ‘.apk’ file of this application is supposed to be run in the mobile for installation.

This is everything you need to know about the Showbox app before using it. Now, it’s up to you. Whether you want to use it for free content or pay and use safely.

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