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FindItMore | As we have stepped into the new season, many of us are extremely eager to follow the latest spring and summer trends in terms of clothing and stay ahead from the rest others in terms of fashion. Every year, runaways witnessed the current trends that are to stay in the following year in terms of clothing as well as accessories. One can lay their hands on the current trends of women clothing from stores of the designers themselves. Every year, new trends make their appearance replacing a few of the older trends. At the same time, there are trends that never go out of fashion.

When it comes to fashion, different people have different opinions. While some get easily bored and like to stock their wardrobe with current trends every year, there are others who prefer to make a safe choice, by following a trend that they can recycle in next year. We have witnessed some prominent trends in the below categories in the current spring and summer fashion runaways. Though trends have been noticed in other categories as well, we would like to focus on the categories that cover a wide range of fashion.

Colors and Prints Trends

This year, the trends noticed in terms of color and the print pattern of women clothing are discussed below. One can add these trends of women clothing to their wardrobe from various online as well as offline stores.

  1. Floral Prints

Surprisingly floral prints have made a prominent presence in the current spring and summer fashion trend. They are available in different forms of women clothing and bring a touch of elegance in every form. The prints are soothing to eyes and they appear refreshing and lively.

  1. Neutral Hues

While every year, some designers prefer to experiment with bright and lively colors in terms of spring and summer fashion trends, there are some designers who prefer pastel shades. This year, the popular fashion trend in terms of color of the clothing has been neutral shades such as beige. This shade has been noticed in different forms of women clothing both in the classic category as well as those as a part of modern fashion.

  1. Tie and Dye

Even after so many years, the 70’s style fashion trends are still noticed prominently in the runaway. The current spring and summer fashion trend has witnessed a huge variety of clothing in tie and dye prints.

  1. Mish Mash prints

Prints in different colors, styles, patterns were mish-mashed to create a unique look in terms of women clothing. This type of print has made a style statement in the runaways and is expected to be a prominent part of the fashion trend in the current year.

  1. Embroidery

Just like different prints and color patterns, embroidery has added a style element to the different forms of women clothing. They add texture to a piece of clothing making them look bright, colorful and elegant.

Clothing Materials Trends

Similarly like color and print trends, a wide variety of clothing materials have made their presence in the runaway. One can get access to this current trend of women dresses both on online websites as well as in the stores of prominent designers. Let us discuss the popular clothing material noticed in the runaway

  1. Sheer material

Sheer material in terms of women clothing has been noticed in different forms of women clothing. They not only bring a feeling of sensuality but also change the entire appearance of a dress.

  1. Lace

This year lace material is quite popular in the runaway. It has undergone a huge transformation in the matter of appearance and no more considered a delicate piece of clothing. Many prominent designers have done experiments with lace materials in their designs and the end result is quite eye-catching.

  1. Folksy

Different folksy elements such as fishnets, crochet, and patchworks have made their appearance in different forms in the runaway. They appear as a combination of both modern and traditional style and are expected to stay in fashion in the current year.

Design Trends

When it comes to designs of women clothing, the following trends are been noticed in the runaway.

  1. Sequin Decoration

The sequin decoration adds a lot of texture in the different forms of clothing. They not only change the appearance of a piece of clothing but also can be experimented in varied designs and styles.

  1. Gigantic Bows

Women clothing has undergone a massive transformation with the addition of large bows in different forms. Their large sizes help them create a style statement when added to different parts of a dress, be it on the shoulders or near the collars or across the waist.

  1. Asymmetry hemline

The hemline of the dresses in asymmetry shape has helped in changing their entire appearance. This breaking of convention adds a feeling of independence and also creates a style statement.

The spring and summer fashion of the current year has not only witnessed a trend in terms of textile materials, colors and designs but also in terms of different forms of women clothing. A wide variety of dresses and shorts and other forms of dresses have made their presence in the runaway.

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