You Know Grooming is a Part of Fashion – What Counts in Grooming?

FindItMore | You might have a heard a lot about the benefits of staying groomed and what are the after-effects of the same. Talking specifically about men, grooming does matter a lot because they don’t spend quality time in the salons for their beauty regimes like women. Hence, grooming themselves is what they must do to keep looking stunning and pleasing. After all, who doesn’t like a pleasing personality? We all do! And in order to make yourself look how you like others, there are a few things you must do.

If you are someone who’s been looking for options to groom themselves, this is where you’ll get to know what actually counts in grooming. The following areas are the ones that worked on will make you a groomed personality.

What you wear

The first thing that meets the eyes of the viewer is the state of your clothes and what you have actually invested in. Whether you’re wearing something very trendy that everyone else is wearing or something very conventional and classy, what matters is how well are you carrying it.

trendy clothes

If you are wearing trendy clothes but they’re not ironed and are shabby, they won’t look pleasing. On the other hand, if you’re wearing something traditional and have worn the right accessories with it, everyone will love it. All that matters is you are wearing tidy clothes with the right size. Form-fit is what calls for a pleasing personality as well.

How you walk and talk

Once the eyes have done their work, others scan the way you walk and talk to them. Everything counts from the way you stand, talk, to your facial expressions, language, and the way you greet someone. Grooming also includes the way you make a conversation going with others. Hence, from intra-personal to interpersonal, everything counts. Being a gentleman counts when you pass these tests with flying colors.

Appropriate hairstyle

We’ve all been there and done the craziest of things when we were young. You might be a stud back in the college times but you need to learn to change with time. From the crazy spikes, and mohawks to going insanely colored, you might have done every bit of it. But there comes a time when you need to get a subtle hair cut that suits your personality and work profile as well. Unless you’re a hairstylist or end up in a creative team that allows funky hairstyles, you would want to get a professional look. It will help people focus on what you talk rather than how you look.

Accessorize well

Choosing the right clothes is the cake bread but the icing on the cake would be accessorizing it with the correct accessories. Whether it the pair of shoes your sport or the ill combination of shoes with the belt, every aspect counts to the most. Some of the must-have accessories would be sunglasses, wristwatch, ties, functional belt, classy shoes, comfortable men’s underwear, bracelets and more. If you find it difficult to choose the right accessories, make sure you stay low and minimal on that front, because the thin line between doing it right and overdoing would create problems for you.

mens accessories

Get rid of the body hair

Having talked about the outside of grooming, it is time for you to go down and under. Start with cleaning the body hair in order to make yourself worth looking at. Whether it is cleaning the below the belt hair or the ones in your nostrils, no one likes to see or talk to a man who doesn’t take care of himself. We do not ask you to go through the painful method of waxing your body but it is easier to trim the hair and then shave it.

Bathe regularly

It is an undeniable fact that men do not bathe everyday which makes them unhygienic and dirty. One of the most important aspects of grooming is taking a bath regularly in order to keep feeling and looking fresh inside-out.


Some other aspects that are included in grooming include chopping off the dirty nails, brushing your teeth, applying moisturizer, using deodorant to smell fresh and also having to change clothes every day. From your men’s underwear to your outfits, you must make sure to change clothes every day because, after the day-long work, you wouldn’t want to smell bad or get an infection from the sweaty, dirty and unclean clothes.

No matter whether you’re someone who loves to spend quality time in picking your fashion or go-with-the-flow-types, there are grooming treatments which you certainly must invest in. Which one are you missing out on? Do let us know in the comments below and keep yourself upgraded to the most groomed personality wherever you go.


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