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The First Birthday: Celebrate It With A Lot of Love And Little Money

FindItMore | But the first birthday of the ‘baby’ is rather a party for parents and relatives: at this age, the little ones do not have much notion of what is happening and also do not yet have that ability to play with other babies, or infants, so that his birthday is more an adult meeting than a celebration of children.

This does not mean that it is not worth celebrating the first birthday. Not at all. I will never forget the excitement of celebrating the first year of my daughters and the immense joy of blowing the candle next to them.
The first birthday, without a doubt, has great value for us, but it does not have to cost dearly. To do this, we must organize with time and ask for help from the family, among other things.

See how to celebrate with lots of love and little money:

Send invitations ONLINE: let’s be honest, the paper invitations are beautiful but they will surely end up in the trash. There are these days dozens of programs to create online invitations that even allow you to personalize them with videos, photos and music.

Make food and cake: Pizza, sandwiches, rolls, canapés and snacks are traditional options. Do not forget a tray of fruit and cheese, for those who prefer to eat lighter. The cake can be made at home: if it is the first time you prepare it do it a day before to make sure that if something goes wrong, you still have time to try again or buy one at the cake delivery in Mumbai.

RSVP: it is very important that your guests let you know if they are going to the party or not, and if they do so with companions. The online invitations are great in that sense because they send automatic reminders to those who did not answer and help you know who is coming and who is not without having to call people or write them an email.

Use your house: if possible, make the party in your house or apartment. Not only because it will cost less, but because you drink is familiar with the place and is your space in which it moves daily. He thinks that there will be people unknown to him and the fact that he is at home will give him more peace of mind. Many kids do not even walk at that age and being at home allows them to crawl.

Limit the number of adults: Surely you want to invite all your friends, neighbors, co-workers and even the midwife. But it’s not a good idea. Adults will understand if you cannot invite them all and there will be other opportunities to be together, and to celebrate the wonders that your baby does.

Ask for help: remember, it is your child’s birthday and he will be the center of attention. You probably want to be close to him when others arrive and ask you to accompany him everywhere. Ask your family, sister, aunt to help you be the hosts of the party while you have time to attend the party. And of course, let someone take all the pictures!

Start a tradition: the first birthday is ideal to start a family tradition, either a photo of everyone blowing the candles or something you know you can repeat next year. Traditions do not cost money but have a value that grows over time.

Decorate with caution: make sure you do not have on hand any object that could hurt or put the safety of the children at risk. No ropes, ties or small objects that can be brought to the mouth. Always choose to put the decoration in a place that is not available to children.

And remember, with children, the plans are always tentative: maybe that day your little one is in a good mood and has a great time or that he decides to take his nap in full celebration.

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