A Quick Guide to Lederhosen for Sale

FindItMore | As autumn rolls around the corner, that’s the perfect time you will find so many lederhosen variations in stores. You should know that lederhosen is traditional Bavarian or German clothing, often made of authentic suede leather. In fact, you should know that the word “lederhosen” actually means leather breeches in the German language.

Centuries ago, lederhosen designs were for the local working class or the laborers of Bavaria, who needed affordable, comfortable clothing to move around easily and offer simple cleaning options. As years went by, lederhosen fashion experienced a downfall. However, things were never to stay the same and ever since their fashion has revived and used for different purposes.

Are you an Oktoberfest fan? If you are then you are sure to see all the authentic lederhosen at the festival, German gatherings, parties and other occasions. Apart from festivals like Oktoberfest, you will see men wearing these German costumes at attractions, as well as German-themed restaurants.

If you are searching in the market for the best lederhosen, we would like to give you some things you should consider.

The Types of Lederhosen

You will notice that the market offers different types of LederhosenForSale. These German costumes come in simple forms that come with plain materials in their colors such as black, brown, and even dark green. The plain versions also come with few details like scroll-like stitches and exposed seams in complementary and contrasting colors.

The other versions feature intricate embroidered details, metallic buckles for the suspenders, and buckhorn style buttons. For women, the female lederhosen feature floral design accents. For children, these come in miniature sizes with similar details.

When you choose your lederhosen, it is important that you also consider the quality and the material of the garment. You should recall that lederhosen mean “leather breeches,” hence most of the versions available feature soft, durable leather. If you head out to hunt for one, make sure that you choose one that features leather-derived animals like goats, deer, or cow.

For men, the other popular versions include the knee-length ones or the long ones. The shorter versions go with the name “bundhosens” and ideal for men who wish to exude a casual and chic look at Oktoberfest.

Complementing Your Lederhosen

Once you purchase an authentic lederhosen, you have to be sure that you purchase other items that all work to complete your “Bavarian” look. You should consider pairing the lederhosen with a white and red-checkered shirt with long sleeves, and a vest to complete the top. Most lederhosen costumes look perfect with black, brown, or dark colored shoes (Haferl). You should not forget to pair these with knee high socks or the two-part socks (Loferl).

In addition, a Bavarian or German Inspired hat will also look perfect with your lederhosen costume, and give it an authentic touch if it has feathers or gamsbarton top.

Caring for Authentic Lederhosen

The best way to keep lederhosen clean is to wipe it with clean water or spot clean the stains. Although a DIY cleaning is also an option, it is best that you leave this process for professionals. When you store the costume for the next year, it is advisable that you keep it in an airtight container or space. However, if you plan to use it soon, you can store it in a hanger or a closet and keep the area free from moisture.

When it comes to choosing the best Oktoberfest lederhosen, it is advisable that you take your time to search for the best options online. Make sure you choose authentic leather and the ones that feature the best details!

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