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For the Sweet Tooth: 8 Perfect Places to Find Manchester’s Must-Eat Signature Desserts

FindItMore | So, you’ve found the perfect restaurant in Manchester and eaten a delicious meal, only to realize they have a disappointing dessert menu. What a shame! No matter how full you are after dinner, there is always room for dessert so make sure yours is a good one. Here are our favorite dessert spots to satisfy your sweet tooth in Manchester.

Black Milk

Black Milk is not just Milkshake Bar but a Dessert Café, specializing in ice cream sundaes, waffles, milkshakes, and freak shakes. If you haven’t had a freakshake you are in for a treat. It’s essentially a milkshake topped with every imaginable topping, candy, chocolate and sometimes even doughnuts! There are two branches of Black Milk in Manchester, the closest one to PREMIER SUITES Manchester is on Oldham Street, just 5-minute walk away.

Home Sweet Home

Not specifically a dessert café but worth visiting for the most delicious home-cooked American style comfort food in Manchester followed by a delicious sweet treat. Home Sweet Home offers a delicious afternoon tea with an array of all of their best desserts like their espresso chocolate mousse and to die for Churros. They’re also on Deliveroo so you can order your favorite dish to the comfort of your suite!

Hey Little Cupcake

This is easily the cutest café in the city, with its candy pink interiors and staff who are just as sweet as their cakes. They specialize in cupcakes of all varieties, larger cakes, cake pops, and cupcake bouquets to name a few. They offer a delicious afternoon tea and their selection of teas and coffees are the perfect accompaniment to their gorgeous sweet treats.

Teacup Kitchen

Teacup Kitchen is not just a café, it has a fully licensed bar, breakfast menus, brunch and dinner options, and their tea selection is second to none. They have a great variety of sweets often putting their own personal spin on them, like the coconut passionfruit loaf. Their slices of rainbow cake are easily the biggest and most delicious we’ve tried.

Ice Stone Gelato

Home to Manchester’s most delicious Ice Cream, gelato, desserts, and hot puddings, all served and prepared freshly in house by their experienced team. Ice Stone is an expanding franchise and once you try their gelato and cookie dough, you’ll soon realize why it’s so popular. They also have a good gluten-free selection so there is something for everyone.

Ginger’s Comfort Emporium

One of the most home-grown ice cream places you’ll find in Manchester, Gingers is like an ice cream van for adults. They have a mobile van and an indoor parlor so you can enjoy their fantastic and inventive flavors either way, depending on the weather. They serve a variety of creamy, fruity, nutty, chocolatey, meringue, spicy, boozy, crunchy, refreshing comforting desserts and Ginger is always on the lookout for inspiration for new flavors.

Ice Shack 5.5 miles

This homey, family-run dessert shop is a little further out of town but worth the travel. They specialize in vegan and gluten-free desserts including ice cream, cakes & chocolates. They have a huge selection of flavors and sweets, all vegan-friendly, and their freak shakes are chosen by the staff so you can be sure they are delicious. Most of their delicious desserts are made on the day so arrive earlier because when it’s gone it’s gone!

Marble Beers

We know not everyone has as big a sweet tooth like us, so we’ve picked an alternative dessert choice too. Marble Beers is home to the absolute best cheeseboard in Manchester with a whopping 16 cheese varieties to choose from. Choose your favorites for just £2.50 per cheese and enjoy with a selection of bread, crackers, pickles, fig cake, and quince jelly. They also serve some of the best food in Manchester!

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