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How To Be More Productive In Life

FindItMore | As we grow, our lives get busier. We are given a schedule in each life cycle, which we follow with utmost attention. However, in doing so, we forget to eliminate things that are stopping us from being true self. A weekly or monthly routine is something that kills the motivation of being better than yesterday. We give more importance to things that are not that important and hence find no time to look after stuff that is more important. For this reason, its time break the shackles. Fear, grief and other similar concepts are your life’s biggest enemies, but that is something you already know. You eliminate them… you win at life. In addition, a few more things exist that if eliminated, could help you move mountains.


Humans are not perfect; get that in your mind. Instead of pleasing others, focus on being only better than yesterday. Researchers claim that the more perfectionist one becomes, the less productive they become. Hard to swallow, but comes from a reliable background. However, the following points can understand this statement:

Spending more time on a task that required

Procrastination or striking at the perfect moment kind of stuff. In business, if you find yourself in the perfect moment, know that you are late already.

The big picture is missing as the focus is mainly on small things

In short, spending too much time in creating the perfect self-leads to total annihilation. Let go of the idea that motivates you in doing so. In time, maybe you would find that light in you, but until then, try not losing your sanity over something that does not even matter… in the end.

Overtime – not a sign of success

Spending more hours at workstation does not mean you are successful. Doing it in the given time is what makes you the man of the hour. Most workers like to show-off amongst their social circles how tough their life is, how hardworking they are or how much extra they are earning. However, deep down inside, you know you got nothing else to do. So why not spend most time at the office, go home late, a midnight snack and finally off to bed. No, stop, you are killing yourself. Your body needs physical activity more than ever.

First, get up in the morning; make a schedule from nine to five. In those long hours, make sure you are done with all the work without spending any time on other errands. Go home at the time, do some physical activity, catch up with friends, and make the most of your time. Since New Year is right upon us, make it your new year’s revolution. Sure motivations would be different at that time. Trust me when you pull this off, you would be a completely new person. Workstations can be a fun place only if want. In addition, while leaving your desk, make sure the work done is now safe and secure. You don’t want to lose your day’s work right? Data encryption tools can do the job for you. For instance, you could make use of any encryption software. If you use cloud too much, do not forget to make your cloud secure before signing off. Trust me; you would feel a lot safer while going to bed.

Learn to say no

At times, we overburden ourselves to do things we cannot do. Instead of respecting your current task, you are reluctant in saying ‘no’ to your boss due to obvious reasons. Stop, stand up and humbly say you cannot do the task in the given time or extra time is given. Again, we do not want you losing your job so think before proceeding. If your job does not allow you to express freely, move on, resign and find a job where a constant peace of mind is available. Similarly, in daily errands, we end up in situations we do not want to be. However, to look cool, we proceed with it. Do not do what you want to do first. If tired, no visits to a friend’s party. Only you know your life’s circumstances, make sure you do not live your life for someone else.

While at work, numerous cases are reported where colleagues led to the termination of many jobs. For instance, your PC has a confidential file and you share that with your co-worker. A few minutes later, you head up to get coffee leaving your system unarmed. A few days later, you receive a warning letter where you stand guilty in leaking a confidential file. Obviously, your co-worker did what he/she had to; do not expect anything less from them. However, to avoid such cases, try some USB blocking options before leaving your desk. Meaning, if someone inserts a drive into your system to steal a file, he or she will not find any joy. That way you will not look bad in front of anyone.


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